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Thousand Oaks, CA, Various Categories of Water Damage

Your residential as well as commercial area in Thousand Oaks, CA is susceptible to various types of water damage. The IICRC’s Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration states that there are three types of water damages that exist and each of these water types affect your property and the individuals involved in the damage in different ways.

Water Damage and its Types

The three types of water damages that exist consist of the following.

  • Clean Water: This type of water damage makes up category I and is generally safe. Since the source or releasing point of this water is clean, the water is not contaminated in any way. Individuals as well as animals that consume this water are not prone to any danger or threat and it is also safe for drinking. Vertical falling of rain water, broken water supply tanks or pipes and faulty supply lines on appliances and leaky faucets make up the potential sources of clean water.
  • Grey Water: In the types of water damage that exist, grey water makes up category II. When you carry out routine activities in your house, the consequential water that results is known as grey water. Although it is similar in many ways to clean water, it comprises of a certain amount of contamination. It is, however, not a dangerous type of water as there is no fecal matter present in it. Nevertheless, those who consume this water will feel uncomfortable and may experience signs of uneasiness and nausea. The potential sources of grey water comprise of flushes from dishwashers, sinks, washing machines, showers and tub drains.
  • Black Water: Category III comprises of black water and is a type of water damage that is extremely dangerous to the health of individuals as well as animals in Thousand Oaks, CA who consume it. The reason why it is harmful is because it consists of fecal matter and other hazardous components that cause illness and dilapidation which can lead to serious illness as well as death, in extreme cases. A major component of stagnant water exists in the form of black water while it also plays a major role in promoting the growth of harmful bacteria. Ground surface water that flows horizontally into homes and rising flood water from streams/floods make up the sources of black water.

Contact our Water Damage Restoration Experts

In theory it may be easy to distinguish the various types of water damages but when it comes to applying these principles to real life; it becomes difficult to make a distinction on these characteristics. In such circumstances, it is always best that you get in touch with experienced and efficient water damage restoration experts who can readily detect and thereby provide an appropriate restorative solution to your water damage problem.

We effectively bring the damage under control, no matter what type of water damage takes over your residential or commercial area in Thousand Oaks, CA. So get in touch with us, should you witness a water damage problem and we will be there to assist you on the same immediately.